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Nevada Hospitalist Group (NHG) is the leading provider of acute care internal medicine in Las Vegas. All NHG physicians are Board Certified Internal Medicine and Family Practice physicians. We have hospitalists working in nearly all of the acute care settings, nursing facilities and LTACs in Las Vegas. They are ready to serve you and your patient's needs whether it is through the emergency room call, or your patients directly admitted for care. We can alleviate the stress by handing everything from admit to discharge.


In today's healthcare climate, the outpatient physician's ability to deliver effective care to both their office patients and those in acute care settings has become an overwhelming task.


Strict in-office insurance guidelines for care delivery, increasing pressure to see more patients during the business day and advancing complexity of treatments, protocols, and procedures within the acute care hospitals place a great demand on the primary physician.


Let NHG navigate through the ever-changing paperwork and charting requirements within the acute care setting.


We can offer the primary care physician the following services:


• Quality care for your patients when admitted to an acute care facility.

• Cross-coverage whenever you need help. Due to the size of our group, this can be accomplished in a moment's notice in most cases.

• Emergency room call management, emergency room patient management, and introduction of new patients into your practice when appropriate.

• Faxing of discharge summaries to your office. Our physicians will always be available to answer any questions about your patient's hospitalization.


Personal Service


At NHG, we understand that the manner in which your patients are treated while in our care will affect you and your practice. We want you to be assured that all patients treated by a NHG physician will be given thorough medical care as well as effective discharge planning to ensure that their transition back to your care goes smoothly.


We can always be reached directly with any questions or concerns about your patient's care and treatment.


Remember, we do not have an outpatient practice so our objectives are never in conflict with yours.

Serving Our Community


Nevada Hospitalist Group is proud to serve the Las Vegas community. NHG physicians personally donate medical services to the uninsured and underinsured population. Together, we are striving to improve the health and well being of our community.


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What Is a Hospitalist?


Now that you are admitted to the hospital, we need to explain what a "hospitalist" is. Hospitalists are state licensed physicians that specialized in acute care medicine. NHG physicians are all board certified internalists.
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Information For Physicians


Nevada Hospitalist Group (NHG) is the leading provider of acute care internal medicine in Las Vegas. All NHG physicians are board certified in internal medicine.
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