Frequently Asked Questions


What is a hospitalist?

Hospitalists are state licensed physicians that specialized in acute care medicine. NHG physicians are all board certified internalists. They take care of your needs while in the hospital setting. Many primary care doctors use hospitalists to see their regular patients if a hospitalization is required. The practice of medicine today makes it difficult for your family physician to see patients in the hospital as well as in their office. The doctor that is seeing you while you are in the hospital is in no way replacing your regular physician.


Hospitalists only see patients in the hospital setting and do not see patients once they leave the hospital. The hospital does not pay the physician for his or her services, the reimbursement for these services is achieved by billing patients directly, using medical insurance whenever available.


NHG physicians are independent contractors and are not employed or compensated by the hospital.


What can you expect from your physician?

Appropriate medical advisement and treatment

Proper explanation of all diagnoses

Courtesy and respect of your medical needs


What should your physician expect from you?

Courtesy and respect from you and your loved ones


    Understanding that the physician will only be able to see you once per day unless otherwise needed, but is available to nursing staff 24 hours a day while you are hospitalized to render proper and ongoing advisement to your care


    Recognition that medical emergencies do not follow a predetermined time schedule so our physician also cannot specifically indicate when they will be seeing you.
    Understanding regarding testing/procedures, as the time they are preformed is hard to determine


Who pays for the hospitalist's services?
NHG physicians will bill available medical insurance directly as a courtesy to all patients. When medical insurance is not available or is otherwise denied, patients are ultimately responsible for all charges incurred by NHG.


What should you do if you have a concern or comment about your nurse or other hospital employee, or a hospital policy?
Unfortunately, since the hospitalist physician handling your case is not employed by the hospital he/she cannot directly correct any concern you may have. These concerns should be directed to your charge nurse, case manager, or hospital administrative staff.


Can my hospitalist physician follow my care after I leave the hospital?
No, your hospitalist can only handle your medical concerns while you are in the hospital. After you leave the hospital, any medical issues you may have should be directed back to your primary care physician or medical center.


Can I request my hospitalist physician for any future hospitalizations?
Yes, you can always request the physician you wish to follow your case should the unfortunate situation arise that you need to be admitted in the future.


Why can't my doctor see me at a specific time?
All patients will be seen at least once every 24 hour period. Unfortunately a patient's health status can change rapidly therefore we must adjust our schedules consistently to handle those medical emergencies first.


I am confused about what is happening to me. Who can I talk to?
- NHG physicians will always be happy to answer any questions about your care or treatment.


Will You Provide Ongoing Care?


Though we would love to be involved in your ongoing care, hospitalists can only see patients while they remain in the hospital. Please follow up with your primary care physician or specialist as advised at discharge.


For those of you without a primary care or other physician, we would be happy to extend a courtesy recommendation. Please ask your NHG physician for more information. You are in no way obligated to see this physician, group, or clinic. We are simply trying to make your discharge easier for you and your loved ones.


Please verify with your insurance as to coverage and network benefits of the physician, group, or clinic.


Serving Our Community


Nevada Hospitalist Group is proud to serve the Las Vegas community. NHG physicians personally donate medical services to the uninsured and underinsured population. Together, we are striving to improve the health and well being of our community.


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What Is a Hospitalist?


Now that you are admitted to the hospital, we need to explain what a "hospitalist" is. Hospitalists are state licensed physicians that specialized in acute care medicine. NHG physicians are all board certified internalists.
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Information For Physicians


Nevada Hospitalist Group (NHG) is the leading provider of acute care internal medicine in Las Vegas. All NHG physicians are board certified in internal medicine.
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